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Controller Unit New features in the HAM IV include an 8 pin. with mast adapter). Kudos for the excellent color manual in PDF format. 8 Conductor Heavy Duty Rotor Cable - Foot. · I just found the info on hy-gain&39;s website. With the rotator sitting in the upright position WIRING AND CHECK-OUT and connected to the control unit by the 8- A.

View and Download Hy-Gain CD-4511 instruction manual online. I wanted it to be repaired, but Rotor Norm said he would not repair it if I was going to use it on a SteppIR. Installed it and it worked for 15 minutes. in the house, ham shack or other PROTECTED LOCATION. Manufacturer hy-gain UPCAvailability This product requires special order.

They are designed for medium-communication arrays with up to a 15 sq. A HAM-M series 4 might be marked as "4 532," indicating a series 4 HAM-M rotor, made in 1965, the 32nd week of that year. · You can use a TR-44 series 3; Ham-M series 3, 4, or 5; CD-44/Ham-2; CD-44/Ham-3; Ham-4; or T2X control unit with any of the listed rotors or vice versa. ANTENNA OR BEAM- NOT. It might be a failure to turn (either partially or completely), a failure to indicate the (correct) direction, or an intermittent turning or indicating. You&39;ve come to the right place.

· But the HAM-IV uses a steel ring geat (HAM-III and earlier models used pot metal) and the added better grounding to the 500 Ohm potentiometer inside the motor housing. Antenna Rotator CD-451I has 110 VAC Controller CD45IIX has 220 VAC Controller. · Hy-Gain HAM-IVR "HAM 4 Replacement" Rotators (rotator less controller) are tower-mount azimuth rotor units with clamps and mounting hardware.

specializing in repairing antenna rotators. MFJ Enterprises Inc,Ameritron,Hy-Gain,Hygain,Cushcraft,Vectronics,Mirage,MFJ,MFJ Enterprises,Antenna,Radio,Ham Radio,Amateur Radio,Tuner,Analyzer,Starkville,Amplifier. Subtract the pipe size from 2. However, the Ham-M and TR-44 series 1 and 2 rotors were wired differently and are not interchangeable with anything else. It worked perfectly until it got hit by lightning. The HAM-IV went to the black face panel and black plastic case, a toggle on/off switch instead of a rotary one, revision and a. The HAM-4 rotor (which is exactly the same thing as a HAM-IV rotor) would be marked similarly.

Callsigns as user names must be valid. It s solidly constructed, has been time-tested and proven for over twenty years. I had time to read it cover to cover while my rotor was in transit. ROTATOR ONLY for HAM-IV 9. It works as a rotor should. Rotator Brake Delay Modification Mk2 for the hy-gain rotators: Some Background In the standard circuit, the primary of the &39;power&39; transformer is energised by.

HY-GAIN HAM-IV Medium - Duty Rotator with Controller - Up to 15 Square Feet Wind Area - 110 Volts. A lesser reason was for remote control ability using programs such as LogMeIn to add beam control to my remote abilities. HyGain HAM-IV Rotator, 15SF Wind Load, 110VAC HAM-IV is the most popular rotator in the world! I decided to replace my Ham IV rotator control box with the new DCU-2. · The board fits in and works with all CDE, Ham-M, Ham-II, Ham III, Ham IV or TailTwister rotator control units that have three control paddles on the front. Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Use the following procedure: 5 1.

• Read this manual completely before proceeding. Instruction Manual B. They&39;re great for replacing old rotators or when installing for use with hy gain ham iv rotor manual revision 4 third-party rotator controllers. A rotor marked "HAM-3 SER " would be a HAM-3 series 2 rotor, manufactured in May, 1976. METERS) WIND SURFACE AREA LOAD. The HAM-3 rotor is stamped as HAM-3 with the month and year of manufacture. Looks like it is from an old manual.

Measurements for rotor as follows Brake sol. 95 Special Order : No Image Available:: HYGAIN. Hy-Gain (CDE) Rotor Lessons Learned the Hard Way I have used Ham series rotors for over 30 years now, sometimes to turn some pretty big antennas. I know the brake release is ok because I can turn the rotor by hand at the top of the tower with brake lever released. Depending on your logging program or the program you use to control the rotor it will have the digital readout as well as presets and of course you can set it up for click and turn, that is click on a DX spot or enter a call in the log and it will turn to the correct heading.

A short video covering the basic features of my Hy-Gain Ham-IV rotator controller; uk/hy-gain-ham-iv-rotator-upgrade/ It has PC (GS-23. FAX:CD -4511 / CD -4511X Antenna Rotator CD-451I has 110 VAC Controller CD-45IIX has 220 VAC Controller INSTRUCTION MANUAL GENERAL DESCRIPTION The CD-45-II Rotator consists of a bell-type rotator, a metered control unit and the necessary mounting. Included in the shipping box are: A. Original manuals only. 95 Special Order :: HYGAIN 5137701: T2X ROTOR ONLY NO CONTROL BOX 4. facilitate mounting the HAM IV Rotator on top of a mast.

Note that the tower plate must be cut out to allow the connecting 8-wire cable to pass through the plate. CD-4511 receiver pdf manual download. I knew of many cases where quick reversal of direction had stripped out the brake hy gain ham iv rotor manual revision 4 in rotators so I decided to design a simple circuit to prevent the problem all together. Low temperature grease permits normal operation down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. HAM-IV is the most popular rotator in the world! My main reason was to use it with Ham Radio Deluxe for near-automatic control of my beam&39;s heading. It is on the help desk.

Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. The HAM IV rotor ha:: been carefully designed and manufactured to give many years of trouble-free service when carefully and profeSSionally Installed. Alloy ring gears give extra strength up to 100,000 psi for maximum reliability.

turning power and 5000 inches-lbs. So, trying to use a series 1 or 2 control on a newer rotor will destroy. hy-gain 308IndustrialParkRoad Starkville, MS 39759 USA Ph.

Quicker way is go to Google and type &39;mfj help desk&39; and you wind up in the index page. Norm&39;s Rotor Service is your source for ham radio antenna rotor sales, service and parts. hy-gain 308 Industrial Park Road Starkville, MS 39759 USA Ph.

Gears feel ok when I turn it. Video showing Hy-Gain Ham IV rotor turning antenna array full 360 degrees. · CDE HY-GAIN HAM IV ROTOR. One of my original ones was to a Yaesu G-400 / KR-400 azimuth rotator where I just had to bring the features over to the Hy-Gain HAM-IV, which includes; Large 20×4 LCD backlit LCD which can show the heading on the 4 columns; PC control using GS-232 protocol; Pre-set for a ‘go to’ heading; Inbuilt.

062 and divide the difference by two. The brake keeps it pointed true north at all times. There hy gain ham iv rotor manual revision 4 were two series of HAM-3 rotors. FAX:CD-4511 / CD-4511X Antenna Rotator CD-451I has 110 VAC Controller CD-45IIX has 220 VAC Controller INSTRUCTION MANUAL GENERAL DESCRIPTION The CD-45-II Rotator consists of a bell-type rotator, a metered control unit and the necessary mounting hardware. The Bell Housing rotor is a masterpiece. Money Back Guarantee! Locate the rotator in the tower directly under the bushing.

It consists of the strongest and best commercially available components. Operating Modes Manual Mode: The rotator control works as before; pressing the brake and a paddle turns the antenna. · Hello,My Ham 3 or 4 not sure without taking it off the tower,has stopped working. I own more than one unit.

of wind load area. It is so nice to have a top-notch manual. HRO Discount Price: 9. · In 1989 I purchased a new Hy-Gain Tailtwister Rotor to turn my TA-33 beam. En este vídeo muestro que el rotor siendo nuevo, de ser necesario se debe realizar un remplazo de la grasa la cual deberá de ser adecuada al lugar donde vaya.

Read this manual fully BEFORE PROCEEDING. Repairing a CDE/Hy-Gain/MFJ Rotator Key Searchwords: Rotor Repair, Fix Rotor, Rotator Repair, Fix Rotator. · HAM-IV M1BXF Modification Overview. HAM-IV is for medium communications arrays up to 15 square feet wind load area (7. Looking for an old, out-of-print Hy-Gain manual? Decide the wire gauge (size) required and wire cable, plug the control unit power cord. Check Out Top Brands On eBay. These rotors are usually fairly inexpensive used (at least as rotors go), and if you don&39;t have a large budget, you can make them work, provided you are careful to avoid some of their pitfalls.

95 Special Order :: HYGAIN 5140303: ROTATOR CONTROL BOX FOR T2X/HAM-IVX 220V 9. 95 Special Order :: HYGAIN 5140301: ROTATOR CONTROL BOX FOR T2X/HAM-IV 110V 9. The control unit must be placed inside the house or other protected location. Hy-Gain HAM-IV Rotator and Controller Combo Kits are the most popular rotator combos in the world!

The rotator unit must be wired to the control unit with an 8-wire cable. The antenna load includes a Mosley TA-33JR, a Hy-Gain 4- element 6 meter yagi, and a 3- element vertical 2 meter yagi. Since I have a Green Heron universal control box, I ordered a HY-GAIN Ham IV hy gain ham iv rotor manual revision 4 rotor only from Rotor Norm. com has been visited by 1M+ users in the past month.

The HAM IV rotator has been carefully designed and manufactured to give many years of trouble-free service when carefully and professionally installed. I have made measurements on the box (all check good). · The DCU-3 is nice but the only thing you gain is the digital readout on the box.

Norm&39;s Rotor Service is the oldest and largest facility in the U. The video gives a good perspective on time required to rotate a large antenna arra. The rotator is mounted inside a tower (see Figure 4 4) to the flat tower plate by means of six (6) bolts furnished in the hardware kit.

Few things are more frustrating to a ham than an antenna rotator which fails. I purchased my DCU-3 as a Hy-gain VII (DCU-3 and Ham-IV rotor combo) at the Hamvention. The unit arrived and installed in just a few minutes. Norm&39;s sells and repairs over a dozen models of new or rebuilt ham radio antenna rotators and control boxes. The other changes are all in the control box, not the motor. But Did You Check eBay? It’s solidly constructed, has been time-tested and proven for over twenty years. It has 800 inches-lbs.

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Hy gain ham iv rotor manual revision 4

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