2009 aspen rear hatch won't open with fob or manually

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- Press and hold either of the power rear gate buttons. Nothing I did would make it open. If the battery is dead, then the touchpad will not function and there is no manual excess available on the exterior of the trunk. lock releases and beeps when remote is activated, but latch won&39;t release and gate can&39;t open until manually opened :nut:. I woke up this morning and it was completly flat so I thaught i would try charging the battery and go buy a new one after but as the baterry is completly flat I cant find a way to open the boot I CAN find a manual release for the top half but. In won't the event that you cannot open the rear gate by pressing the rear gate opener button (all models) or using the power rear gate (if equipped), you can open it from inside the cargo area.

Having said that, the only way to open the rear hatch on a LE, is by using the outside soft touch release, very very wrong! It does open from the 2009 aspen rear hatch won't open with fob or manually exterior button and if I press the key fob trunk release for a few seconds, the glass opens. Remove the access cover at the bottom-center of the rear gate trim using flat-head screwdriver.

The HHR design includes a touch pad on the trunk handle for opening the unlocked trunk. The motor on my rear lift gate works, but liftgate won&39;t open: It starts to open and then closes itself. Will not open or close by button or remote, but latches ok, fuse checked, also where is the motor that lifts and closes the rear tailgate please Rear tailgate will latch and unlatch but won&39;t lift or close (electric) any idea - Mercedes-Benz ML350. It is not cold, frozen, it worked yesterday.

Just bought a 02 CRV recently. I soldered/heat shrank all broken wiring and replaced the severely damaged wires. After the battery went dead and was setting there for 2 days now the liftgate wont open. Tucson Night Edition 1. I cannot physically lift it. what can cause the power liftgate in a T&C to not open automatically? It&39;s likely the linkage between the handle and the latch has broken. It is still possible to open the trunk manually, but you must be inside the rear of the HHR to do it.

I have seen the lock actuator for the rear hatch go bad, and not lock or unlock either with the fob or the master sw. : ) Your liftgate struts (shocks) could have gone weak. I think that some aftermarket models don&39;t activate the hatch? Is the problem with the hydrolics? This happened on my Gen 1 back when I got it, I went in and lubed up all the linkages. It says Clifford. I searched the web including YouTube for answers. then another two hours to replace.

To do that, disconnect the cable from the lock actuator in the front passenger door, and use a paper clip to short the yellow wire to the black wire. Im gonna have a look one day if its possible to tap into the harness somewhere and install a switch inside so i can at least unlock the hatch and lifting it from the outside is only required. I have tried manual button inside car and remote but it still won&39;t work. I tried using the button on the key fob.

Rear hatch opens about an inch, then closes immediately. Yes, there is a slight noise coming from the rear driver side by the door. remote key works doors, but it won&39;t open from outside and doesn&39;t even click. It won&39;t open with the button, the keyfob, or the center console switch. It does not fully latch. My lift gate would not open. The rear gate not unlocking is due to the right front door remaining locked, this is from a Honda bulletin; Currently Applies To: 10-12 Crosstour, 07-12 CR-V, 09-12 Pilot with non-power tailgate.

Dodge Lift gate won&39;t open- Fixed! Hi, I need some help changing the battery on my x5. I&39;m thinking it may be my key fob. I read the manual couldn&39;t find the answer. I can open it manually. I tried this "feature" today from inside our Forester with the rear seat backs folded down.

- Gently close the rear gate by hand until it reaches the half-shut position. This is when I decided it needed fixing ASAP. It seems to be an aftermarket one. I purchased this 05 cayenne turbo a month ago and a few weeks ago I found out I couldnt open the rear hatch 2009 aspen rear hatch won't open with fob or manually with the interior hatch release or from the key fob.

Note that I have the model with power windows, etc. Additional positions created by opening and closing manually may eventually "confuse" the memory and it won&39;t work at all. Either the wires are off to rear hatch or as said above the mechanism is all gunked up and not. i have the EXACT same issue on my convertible. The release button on the dash works fine as does inserting the key in the rear. The OM instructions are indeed rather poor, IMHO. it would open with the key fob but not open with the rear hatch switch. Is there a secret lock that I am not aware of (sarcastically) or does anyone know how I can fix this without taking it to shop?

6T 7-Speed DCT - Res-Delete Pipe | PUP 5w-30 | Breather, PCV & Oil CSS Venting-to-Atmosphere. PT Cruiser Rear Hatch Won’t Open video 1. I&39;ll try the reprogramming procedure to check see first. | Find answers to your Pontiac Torrent question from certified mechanics and auto experts.

OMG I could have done it my self in 1/2 hour. You’re working on a vehicle with a tailgate that won’t open. Came back from vacation and my 02 CRV trunk won&39;t open. The glass portion will open. As I said, I only use the cabin lever or remote button to open the hatch and the remote or "Stop" button on the hatch itself to close it and I have not had a single failure since. Close all doors, go back close to the hatch button 2009 and using the remote, lock the car and then unlock the car. I tried disconnecting the battery as another owner did, then opening the hatch, but that didn&39;t work.

Open the driver&39;s door via the spare key if the fob doesn&39;t work then reach around to open the rear passenger door - you&39;ll have to climb into the back from that point. When you unlock the car from the inside, go back there and press the button to open the hatch door manually, do you here any noises? I know there&39;s a fuse, but don&39;t know which one. You should hear a sound 2009 aspen rear hatch won't open with fob or manually from the actuator locking and unlocking the lock on the rear hatch! ) and manually actuate the latch to pop it open and then have a good look at it. I have a aspen and the lift gate will not open, it beeps twice if i use the button or try to open it manually - Answered by a verified Chrysler Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I&39;ve had the fuse replaced and the switch itself replaced and still doesn&39;t work. It&39; a plastic piece that you must remove/open to gain access to the hatch mechanism - you&39;ll need a screwdriver to open the lock from there (if I am not mistaken).

When we got there, I parked, shut the Aspen off. Hatch works fine manually. When you get the new fob it&39;ll need to be programmed at the dealer with a DRB tool. If it&39;s a power liftgate, press the off button to disable the power liftgate function, so that you can open the liftgate manually. I have not had the recall performed yet on this.

The liftgate stopped working on my Traverse LTZ. my liftgate on chrysler aspen will not open manually or with remote - Chrysler Aspen 4x2 question. All of sudden I cannot get the rear hatch of my Chrylser Aspen to open, either by key fob, the button at the front dash or even manually. It won&39;t open by remote, the button above the driver seat, or the button on the door itself. I got out and tried to then open the rear gate by hand, Nothing. Then we drove on to our destination. Correct me if I&39;m wrong, but the hatch doesn&39;t open automatically.

Replaced glass release button a month ago. With a little help from you, extend the liftgate at full open position and check if it will hold itself up there as it normally should. the rear hatch will not open with the fob or the door panel switches. If there is a way to open any other way I&39;m not aware of that option; there&39;s no key hole or anything of that nature. 3) With hatch opened fully, press and hold rear latch button until you hear 4 quick beeps. I can open it manually.

i have to pull the cord everytime which is very inconvenient. However, the rear hatch can be opened from the inside, you just have to push the release slide all the way over (toward the car&39;s left side) and hold it there while pushing the hatch open. Dealer took 2 hours to diagnose and over a month to get the replacement switch.

the key fob/ proximity key must be near it in order for it to open with your touch in that little catch below the reverse camera. You can help support the channel by donating The rear hatch closed like it usually does no problem. Hatch release (key FOB or button on the hatch or button on the dash) Rear defrost Rear wiper Additionally, my door ajar light was on constantly and the upper brake light was shorting out my stop lamp circuit (not safe! If the fob unlocks all the other doors then the battery is ok. 1) Put rear hatch in off mode via glove compartment button (off is with button in out position) 2) Open hatch manually all the way. I&39;m willing to bet the rear lock hasn&39;t been working all along. - Start with the rear gate closed and then open the rear gate fully. When I had a scanner connected to the car I could see the switch workig but it will not activate the switch to let it open the dealer says it needs a bcm at 500.

What fuse should I check in the passenger side compartment? fuse OK - Pontiac Torrent. I had the problem on our LR2 as well. Liftgate would lock and unlock but would not open. When using the fob, inside release button, or hatch release, the hatch opens an inch or two, then attempts to close. Tried the button on the overhead console inside. Products I use, and that are on the Jeep, are listed 2009 aspen rear hatch won't open with fob or manually below in the description. You&39;ll need to see if you can take the interior trim panel off (they&39;re usually quite easy, but a bit more difficult when the hatch doesn&39;t open!

If you do that, and the hatch is able to open while it&39;s shorted, that&39;s your issue. 4) Place hatch back in on position via the glove compartment button. Ford Escape Rear Hatch won&39;t unlock. It doesn&39;t say Honda on my fob. on the drivers door.

2009 aspen rear hatch won't open with fob or manually

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